With an apprenticeship at SALT AND PEPPER, you are laying the cornerstone of your future career. As well as teaching sound specialist knowledge, we also foster personal initiative, independence and communication/problem-solving skills. As a fully-fledged team member at the office concerned, you will soon be taking responsibility – for both large and small projects.

And another thing: the best specialists are the ones we have trained ourselves. That’s why we seek to offer our apprentices permanent positions upon completion of their training.

10 benefits of an apprenticeship with us

  1. We offer you a top-quality apprenticeship with a wide variety of tasks. These include managing applicants, organising and looking after trade fair stands, accounting, supporting client visits and much, much more. 
  2. You will be looked after by experienced and dedicated trainers.
  3. You will have a weekly meeting with your trainer.
  4. A mentor will support you during your first year, easing your transition into the world of work.
  5. At the annual Apprentice Day, you can share experiences with other apprentices and expand your network.
  6. You can make an active contribution to ‘Milk and Sugar’, the apprentices’ section of our in-house magazine.
  7. You can broaden your horizons on the apprentice exchange programme with other branches in Germany.
  8. Regular team events, both at your office and nationwide, strengthen team spirit and encourage apprentices to share their stories.
  9. You will attend the company-wide onboarding event in Bremen.
  10. We will pay for your textbooks.

Life as an apprentice at SALT AND PEPPER

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Apprenticeships at SALT AND PEPPER start on 1 August or 1 September of any given year.

Vacancies for apprentices will usually be advertised one year before the apprenticeship start date. As soon as we receive your application, we will send you confirmation of receipt. We will then carefully consider your application and decide on the next steps. If we are impressed with your documents, we will invite you to an interview. If the interview goes to our satisfaction and yours, we will schedule a one-day trial, allowing you to meet your potential future colleagues and demonstrate your skills. Shortly after your trial day, we will tell you whether you have got the position.

The vocational college course is on a part-time basis. This means that you will spend one or two days a week at the vocational college and the rest of the time working at the company. As a result, you can combine theory and practice in the best way possible. 

Our apprentices receive a competitive salary. In their first year, this is currently €870 a month. They also receive a 13th monthly salary. The salary also increases each year. 

Apprentices are given 28 days’ holiday in the first and second years of their apprenticeship. This rises to 30 days from the third year onwards. 

During your apprenticeship, you have a set place of work within your branch. Here, you will be taught all key skills and knowledge by experienced trainers. You will also maintain contact with other branches and will be given the opportunity to visit them. Once a year, you will attend our Apprentice Day, where you will be introduced to overarching apprentice projects. 

Yes, but only if you perform strongly, both at the vocational college and in your job. 

Here at SALT AND PEPPER, you will enjoy attractive perks: 

  • Eligibility for staff discounts
  • Cool employee events  
  • Occupational pension scheme
  • Capital-building payment schemes
  • Time off for apprentices
  • Mentoring and support programme
  • Comprehensive professional development programme
  • Reimbursement for the cost of textbooks and exam preparation courses 
  • Flat rate for drinks

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Kimberly Ruffer
Human Resources