An engineering services provider for industry

Our SALT AND PEPPER Technology engineering services take a weight off your mind, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your strengths.

An engineering services provider for industry

Our SALT AND PEPPER Technology engineering services take a weight off your mind, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your strengths. By virtue of our comprehensive portfolio of engineering and IT services across the entire value chain, we are an in-demand engineering services provider and technology partner for industrial companies. Our experts put their specialist knowledge at your disposal, developing tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs – sustainably, reliably and with a binding commitment.

Knowledge that drives technological progress

What makes us different is that we put people first. We invest in our team, because we know that only satisfied employees go the extra mile. When selecting candidates, we not only take specialist qualifications into account, but also look for a personality and soft skills that are a good fit with us and our clients. This sets us apart from traditional recruitment agencies. We deliver tailor-made solutions and technological progress – and your success is our top priority. That is why we also offer you various service models.

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Digitalisation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are currently transforming the environment in which companies operate. It is becoming ever more important to keep pace with technological progress and to consider systems as a whole. At SALT AND PEPPER Technology, we boast two Centers of Competence. Here, we handle entire work packages and develop state-of-the-art solutions for them. You benefit from our high-quality work as an engineering services provider.

Centre of Competence –
Agile Product Development
  • Holistic development of mechatronic products, from requirements processing, engineering and validation to the final product.
  • Simultaneous and integrative development in cross-functional teams
  • Development of products based on agile principles and modern methods
  • Transparent, target-oriented implementation of your vision, despite the constantly growing complexity of your products and continuous changes in requirements
  • Assumption of system responsibility instead of pure component responsibility

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Centre of Competence –
Smart City
  • Creation and realization of technical Smart City activities
  • Holistic project management and coordination of your Smart City projects
  • Business development
  • Interface between stakeholders and sensitization of decision makers
  • Implementation of the subsidy management (EU, federal and state subsidies)

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Areas of focus

With our resources and expertise, we – as an engineering services provider – have the right solution for any challenge. Thanks to our broad spectrum of engineering and IT services, we can offer you precisely the solution that you’re looking for. You choose the basis on which you want to work with us.  

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Our industry expertise

As an engineering services provider and technological partner for industrial companies, we know that not all mechanics are the same, not all software is the same and not all testing is the same. It all hinges on the industry-specific context. SALT AND PEPPER Technology is right at home in the world of industry. Thanks to many years of experience, we possess extensive industry-specific and cross-industry knowledge that can give you an edge.

Over the last eleven years, SALT AND PEPPER Technology has guided clients in nine sectors to success on the basis of expertise, transparency and a spirit of trust.

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Our clients

Whether big corporations or SMEs, SALT AND PEPPER Technology is a reliable development partner and attractive engineering & IT services provider for companies of all shapes and sizes.